Brandon Beane Josh Allen cropped 7/28/21

Bills GM Brandon Beane lost his right-hand man Friday when the Giants hired Buffalo assistant GM Joe Schoen to replace Dave Gettleman as the new GM, but he approved the move with a glowing review.

“Joe and I have worked together for a long time and … really did a good job of just being my right-hand guy to help me where I couldn’t be,” Beane said. “… We had to put up a full scouting staff, and Joe did a great job with that, and then we had to start on this roster.

“And so, he’s a great evaluator. He’s a great communicator. He’s a really good leader. He can talk to the owner, he can talk to anybody — sponsor, fans, whoever. He just knows how to relate. He’s very personable, family guy. I could go on and on. We’ll miss him. You don’t replace people like that right away. We have a good staff and people will try to fill his role, but he’ll definitely be missed.”

Schoen went to Buffalo with Beane in May 2017, hitting the ground running and turning the Bills back into a winning franchise after ending a 17-year postseason drought.

“Well, I think Joe has seen how (Bills head coach) Sean (McDermott) and I work here,” Beane said. “Neither of Sean or I walk through the building like we’ve got all the answers or it’s my way or Sean’s way. It’s collaborative. We listen to our coaches. We listen to our doctors, our trainers, our scouts. Whatever the decision needs to be made, we listen and then we try to make an informed decision.

“Joe will have to ultimately make some decisions, whether it’s a draft pick or that final decision on paying a player on their team or free agent somewhere else. But he’s going to value everyone’s input. He appreciates when people put the work in and hearing their voice. He’ll be very collaborative through the whole draft process and very inclusive, and I think that staff there will see real quickly what his skillset is — and I think they’ll follow along right away, once he kind of lays out the vision.”




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