Why Justin Fields changes everything

Hoge’s 10 Bears Things: Why Justin Fields changes everything originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears head into their bye week on a four-game losing streak after a 29-27 loss to the Steelers on Monday Night Football. And yet, things feel a little positive?

We explore that dynamic and a ton more in this week’s 10 Bears Things:

1. Justin Fields changes everything

The Bears may not have left Pittsburgh with a win, but they sure left with some respect. It’s been a long time since they were involved in a legitimately entertaining and competitive fourth quarter in primetime and it’s been even longer — like never — since they had a legitimately entertaining and promising young quarterback to show off in the national spotlight.

You don’t have to accept moral victories, but you sure as heck are allowed to celebrate the big picture. I have news for you: the Bears aren’t winning the Super Bowl this season. Winning in Pittsburgh would not have changed that reality. That’s not to diminish the impact a win might have had in Justin Fields’ development — winning is certainly better than losing — but make no mistake, the development still happened. Fields still gets to go into the bye week knowing he led a spectacular go-ahead drive late in the fourth quarter against one of the league’s tougher defenses.

“It’s one of those moments where really all of us as a kid growing up, you live for those moments and you never know how people are going to react,” Bears head coach Matt Nagy said Monday.

Fields didn’t flinch. And the dime to Allen Robinson and the touchdown to Darnell Mooney didn’t even qualify as his best throw of the night.

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“That throw he made to Jimmy Graham (up the seam) — just so we’re real clear — that’s probably a top-3 throw in the NFL this season,” Nagy said. “With who he had in his face, the way he threw it, the accuracy, the timing, etc., that’s a special, rare throw. When you see those throws you…


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