The QB and RB enigmas of 2022

Anyone clicking on fantasy football links in late January understands the largess of Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Speculation surrounding the dynamic duo — which is gaining magnificent steam courtesy of Nathaniel Hackett’s callback in Colorado — figures to lead the bulk of offseason media churn.

So, too, in the mix is Tom Brady’s retirement watch. Golf courses nationwide have likely installed moles, ready to deliver tips on the GOAT’s frequency of rounds played. By extension, Chris Godwin — who enters free agency coming off of a brutally-timed ACL injury — will remain a keenly debated figure in fantasy circles. Frankly, all of the Bucs’ pass-catchers are in limbo while TB12 ponders his future.

Those names and situations are obvious. Everyone already knows ‘em. That’s why it’s important to examine what everyone might not know … or at least be looking at.

Starting with the backfield (QBs and RBs), check out the fantasy players wading through the unknown; each a few planet alignments from hero to zero, and vice versa.

Trevor Lawrence closed out a brutal first-year campaign on an intriguingly high note. In Week 18, the rookie signal caller recorded season-high numbers in completion percentage (71.8%), QB rating (111.8) and rushing attempts (10). Lawrence also managed over 20 fantasy points (QB12) while stringing together his second multi-touchdown effort in the Jags’ stunning 15-point victory over Indianapolis.

Four games removed from Urban Meyer’s firing, the kid pulled off a flashy upset. Now fantasy fans have to wonder if scouts were indeed right about Lawrence’s generational talent. He’ll get former college teammate and fellow first-round draft pick Travis Etienne back in ’22. Plus, the team could renew D.J. Chark. And, of course, he’ll be surrounded by a newly installed coaching staff (bonus points if it ends up being Byron Leftwich).

Reports out of camp will be key, but the turnaround potential for Lawrence is real. He might very…


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