The Jaguars have been terrible for years. Urban Meyer somehow made them worse

Photograph: Phelan M Ebenhack/AP

Shad Khan, whose Jacksonville Jaguars have taken on water for pretty much the entire 10 years he has owned the team, invited the local media on Monday to his yacht, the Kismet, to commemorate the anniversary of his purchase of the forlorn NFL franchise.

Of course, the conversation swung to his embattled first-year coach, Urban Meyer, whose team have won only two of their first 13 games this season. And the record is not the worst part. According to, Meyer’s players and staff are furious with him, almost mutinous.

Meyer, 57, whose teams won three national championships during his time in college football, still has his job despite his lousy record, his brusque style and other missteps, most notably when he was caught on video in October at his Ohio bar appearing to get cosy with a young woman who was not his wife.

Khan reprimanded Meyer for his “inexcusable” behavior, for which Meyer apologized, and the Jaguars later won two of three. But they have lost five in a row, including a 20-0 drubbing Sunday by the Tennessee Titans. Meyer also had to address the report.

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And it came up again Monday at his day-after news conference. Meyer said, again, that the report was “incorrect,” and when told was not recanting its reporting, Meyer said, “Didn’t happen. We’ve got to move on.”

Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, Meyer lightly suggested that Amy Palcic, the Jaguars’ top public-relations executive, hand out the number of wide receiver Marvin Jones, one of the players mentioned in the report, so he could deny everything.

It was reported that Jones stormed out of practice after an argument with Meyer, and that Meyer had belittled his assistant coaches in a let’s-compare-resumes match. Running back James Robinson was prohibited from re-entering a game after he was benched.

In any case, it was the kind of…


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