So at what point should baseball be concerned that it’s in a lockout and nobody seems to care? I realize that we’re smack dab in the middle of bowl season and late-regular season NFL, but have you noticed how little anybody is talking about it? It’s always hard to escape the football bubble this time of year, but a lockout is a big deal in any sport, and when it’s the first work stoppage in MLB in 27 years, you’d think it would get more attention.

In the circles I run with — which include a lot of baseball fans, including myself — there was the initial reaction to the lockout’s beginning, and then everybody seemed to go back to their lives. This is the time of year when baseball fans are supposed to be following all the latest in hot stove news, getting mad at their teams for not spending enough money on the players they want or trading away the players they don’t. Instead, there’s nothing.

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Maybe this will change as we get through football season and the spring approaches, but the overall apathy I’ve sensed about the lockout to this point can’t…



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