A lot has changed over the past several years for T.J. Watt. Following his rookie season with the Steelers, Watt recalls not being noticed when walking through Pittsburgh with his older brother J.J. Watt. 

J.J. was recognized by seemingly everyone, while the Steelers’ young pass-rusher walked in anonymity. 

“We’re walking, and I see my jersey hanging on a [restaurant] wall,” T.J. said during a recent conversation with Bryant McFadden on the “All Things Covered” podcast. “My brother is getting noticed like crazy and nobody is saying anything to me. He’s like, ‘I can’t believe that nobody here in Pittsburgh recognizes you. It’s so wild to me.’ I was like, ‘I haven’t made my mark yet.’ It was after my rookie year. Stuff like that has definitely changed.” 

T.J. acknowledged that this is no longer the case in Pittsburgh, as he has become one of the marquee faces of one of NFL’s most popular franchises. 

“It’s so cool to see just how respectful people are of my time,” Watt said of his interactions with Steelers fans. “Nobody wants anything. They just want to say hello. … I have nothing but good things to say about the people of Pittsburgh.” 

The 30th overall pick in the 2017 draft, Watt has quickly ascended as one of the NFL’s premier players. A Pro Bowler each of the past four years and two-time All-Pro, Watt has recorded 67 sacks in 74 career regular-season games. In Pittsburgh’s win over the Titans last Sunday, Watt broke James Harrison’s 13-year-old single-season sack record. 

“It’s a great accomplishment, but it’s a team accomplishment,” Watt said of his new franchise record. “Deebo was a phenomenal pass-rusher. Just to be able to be in that conversation in such an historic franchise like the Pittsburgh Steelers, it definitely is special.”

Watt, who called Harrison “a really good mentor” during their one season as teammates, described one of Harrison’s moves that…



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