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And then there were four. Less than a handful of franchises – the Chiefs, Bengals, Rams, and 49ers – remain in the 2022 NFL Playoffs. The conference championship games are set for this week to determine who will play in the Super Bowl on February 13. All eyes are on those four squads, but curiously enough, some of the most interesting news from around the league on Tuesday involved teams who are no longer alive in the playoff race. The offseason is underway – and, for some teams, pretty far underway – for 28 teams, which means coaching and front office changes, player news, and more. Let’s touch on everything that happened around the league yesterday.

Saints Coach Sean Payton Stepping Away

Saints coach Sean Payton announced on Tuesday that he is stepping away from his position as the leader of the New Orleans franchise. Reportedly, he met with his assistants yesterday to reminisce about all that they accomplished, and the news became public shortly thereafter. It’s fairly out of the blue for someone as successful as Payton, but it’s not as shocking once you dig a little deeper. The Saints are in a brutal position cap-wise, and while they’ve always been one of the best teams in the NFL at maneuvering cap loopholes every season, that does likely keep them from securing the top-flight quarterback they need to compete for a Super Bowl title.

Payton is just 58 years old and admitted he may coach again “at some point.” If he does make a comeback, he’d immediately be the top option for any franchise with a vacancy. Payton has been arguably the most successful coach in recent memory behind Bill Belichick (of…



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