Regret over Fields? Cowboys’ weaknesses? Broncos under-the-radar players

The Dallas Cowboys are big favorites entering Week 9, but should they be? All signs point to yes. For one, the Denver Broncos have lost four of their last five games, and Dallas is returning home after two road games bookended the bye week. The Cowboys have outscored their opponents 121-69 at AT&T Stadium, a fittingly nice scoring margin for a team averaging over 40 points a home contest.

Still, the Broncos have enjoyed a steady edge over the Cowboys in recent years, so a win isn’t preordained. While the teams only match up once every four years, it’s easy to lose track of where each franchise is if not paying close attention. To help out with that, Jon Heath, managing editor of Broncos Wire sat down to provide answers to a few questions that need answers. In exchange, Cowboys Wire offered some enemy intel in return.

Broncos Wire: Is Dak Prescott trending toward playing in Week 9?

Cowboys Wire:

Yes, Prescott has emphatically stated that he’s playing, and he even took the opportunity to announce who his starting tackles would be (Terence Steele at LT for Tyron Smith, La’el Collins back in the lineup at RT). Prescott didn’t practice with the 1s last week but he has this week, indicating the calf is doing well. He’s not 100% yet, but certainly good enough to give it a go. Cooper Rush was a nice story on Backup QB Weekend, but there’s a huge dropoff from an MVP candidate to a journeyman making his first start.

Cowboys Wire: Talk to me about the Teddy Bridgewater-Drew Lock situation. How are things going, what will the offseason look like for Denver and are there any Justin Fields regrets?

Broncos Wire:

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The Broncos picking Bridgewater over Lock was a clear sign that Lock doesn’t have a future in Denver. The Broncos also played Bridgewater through injury on a short week despite saying in August that they could win games with either QB. They have clearly given up on Lock and Bridgewater is fine, but he’s not a long-term solution. Denver will…


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