Referee says Matt Nagy used inappropriate language originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Chicago Bears racked up five personal foul calls against the Minnesota Vikings, one of which was given to head coach Matt Nagy.

It’s rare for a coach to get a flag, but Nagy did while arguing about a call between the first and second quarters.

“The flag was thrown when he started to use inappropriate language towards the official,” referee Scott Novak said.

Novak added: “I won’t repeat what was said. But when it crosses a line and it’s inappropriate, then that’s when we throw a flag.”

It was a bit of fire from Nagy that fans wish they’d seen more of over the course of the season.

“I saw what happened, and our guys are fighting their asses off to get off the field, and I saw what happened. So I just — I explained my opinion on it, and I don’t regret it,” Nagy said after the game.

The Bears and fans alike were displeased with the lack of calls the team was getting, or the baffling calls that went against them.

Robert Quinn added: “Some of these calls are starting to get a little crazy.”

One of which was Teez Tabor being called for a low block while trying to tackle Dalvin Cook.

Novak noted that it’s a new rule outside the tight end box.

To fans it looked like Tabor trying to get past a blocker to tackle Cook, which he ultimately did.

“We’ve always had that the defender cannot go through a blocker low to try to tackle the runner,”Novak said “They are always okay, on their own, without going through somebody to try and tackle low.

“But since he initiates contact with the offensive player first, even though he’s trying to make a play to tackle the runner, he cannot initiate a low block like he did, going through a blocker to get to the runner.”

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