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The NFL is has become a true year round event and the combine is a huge part of that. The first centralized combine was held in 1985 and has been in Indianapolis since 1987 and has been a true hub for learning about prospects and for teams to start having conversations about prospects and free agency coming up.

Over the history of the combine, there have been players that were testing wonders. The most famous of those was Boston College EDGE Mike Mamula was the ultimate workout warrior. In 1995, he was the first player to specifically train for the combine and he dominated the event. He performed so well that he ended up getting selected No. 7 overall by the Eagles when he was initially projected to be a mid-round selection. That performance revolutionized the way that players train for the event.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, Mamula was a bust. He didn’t produce in the NFL and was overmatched as an undersized edge rusher. Since then, teams have learned a lot about how to best use the combine and prevent the mistake

Every year, we see players that rise because of their performance in testing. Some of those players showed a surprising level of athleticism while others met expectations by matching their testing to the film. In the first of this two-part series, I will be breaking down each position group by highlighting two players that stand the most to gain or lose from the combine.

Quarterback: Matt Corral, Malik Willis

One of the themes I heard down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl was how much Corral helped himself during the week for simply not being there. Outside of the traits popping off from Willis, none of the quarterbacks were all that impressive. Corral himself has…



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