The New England Patriots were thrown out of the postseason in dominating fashion on Saturday night as the Buffalo Bills bludgeoned them en route to a 47-17 victory. 

Those 47 points were the most allowed by a Bill Belichick-led team in his playoff career and that 30-point margin of defeat was the third-highest in franchise history. And that was just the tip of the iceberg of how one-sided this playoff head-to-head was. The Bills scored touchdowns on all seven of their competitive drives (minus kneeldowns), becoming the first team in the Super Bowl era to not punt, attempt a field goal or commit a turnover in a playoff game. Josh Allen also had more touchdowns (5) than he did incompletions (4). 

This was a night that the Patriots will want to forget almost instantly and did strike up the thought about where this may rank among other painful losses during the Belichick era. Because New England has previously played in more high-stakes games deeper in the playoffs, this loss doesn’t fall inside the top five worst postseason defeats for the Patriots but may come close to our honorable mention.  

Below, you can find the top five worst losses for the Patriots under Belichick. 

1. Super Bowl XLII loss to Giants

Not exactly a shocker to see atop this list. The Patriots were on the doorstep of an undefeated season in 2007 and set to become the first team to ever go 19-0 when they faced the New York Giants. Had they been able to win that game, they would have been considered the greatest team in NFL history. However, Eli Manning and David Tyree had different plans as they spoiled New England’s chances of immortality with a 17-14 victory in one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. While everyone remembers Tyree’s helmet catch, Tom Brady’s miraculous touchdown drive that culminated with a touchdown pass to Randy Moss flies under the radar in history. Had the Patriots pulled it out,…



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