Packers and Titans on Super Bowl collision course

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Team that will be most missed in the postseason

The Los Angeles Chargers. Extra chances to see Justin Herbert doing Justin Herbert things should be treasured. Brandon Staley’s side was flawed – their run defense would likely have doomed them in any playoff matchup – but Herbert’s excellence would have balanced the scales, giving the Chargers a shot at causing an upset. OC

It would have been more fun to see Justin Hebert’s Chargers making the playoffs rather than the Pittsburgh Steelers (it’s a shame their head coach flunked the Prisoner’s Dilemma) but in all honesty, the current NFL postseason format is forgiving enough that any team that doesn’t qualify doesn’t deserve to. HF

The Chargers and it’s not even a close second. It’s a shame Los Angeles couldn’t eke out the, uh, tie against Las Vegas because the NFL world deserves to see Justin Herbert and all his gifts in the postseason. Between Herbert, Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, the Chargers have as explosive an offense as anyone, and their defense was starting to get healthy – though not healthy enough to stop Las Vegas on third-and-5 in overtime. Welp. MJ

The Baltimore Ravens. They’re always a tough out, and their rivalry with the Titans has been something of a standing appointment these last few years. But their loss to the Steelers in the season finale means another year of Lamar Jackson having to hear that he can’t make a deep playoff run. If only he had been healthy … AL

High-seeded team at risk of going out early

The Dallas Cowboys are loaded on both sides of the ball. But the Niners are just the kind of team that can give them trouble. Kyle Shanahan’s offense is still running the ball at will. On defense, they have one of the highest pressures rates in the league when rushing just four and playing coverage behind. Dak Prescott is a founder member of the Do Not Blitz club. The only chance to slow the Dallas offense: create…


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