One thing we learned about each NFL team in Week 10 of 2021 season: Chiefs are back, Patriots for real

Week 10 of the 2021 NFL season is officially in the books. The Lions didn’t lose (or win). Russell Wilson got shut out. Tom Brady didn’t fare much better. The Patriots steamrolled the Browns. The Chiefs sure look like they might be back to normal … and that was just a fraction of the action from this week.

But what did we learn about each of the 32 teams in the process? We’re so glad you asked. As Week 11 draws near, we take a look below at one thing we took away from each team:

They need Kyler Murray back. Colt McCoy was never gonna be a sustainable figurehead for their offensive attack, and he couldn’t even survive a full game against the Panthers’ defense. Arizona needs a spark for its march toward the playoffs.

They’re not contenders. Just in case anyone bought too much stock in the Matt Ryan-led resurgence. Like everyone else on the team, Ryan was bad Sunday, but this club’s young and barren defense was really exposed in Dallas.

The AFC North is theirs if they want it. They haven’t been dominant themselves, but with the Browns sinking and the Steelers struggling to tie the Lions, they’ve got a very feasible path to a division title, if they can win where they should.

Their defense is still legit. Lost in the Week 9 talk of their stunning loss to the Jags was recognition for their “D,” which showed out with turnover after turnover against New York. When everything is clicking, they’re still maybe the AFC’s team to beat.

It’s Cam Newton’s show now. Say what you will about P.J. Walker getting the win as the official starter, but Cam couldn’t have had a more electric debut in Arizona. Now, Matt Rhule would be foolish not to ride the energy radiating from the new (old) face.

They’re still in the wild card race. To be clear, we don’t really buy the idea they’ll make a run, at least until Justin Fields gets more help, but beyond the division leaders, the NFC is full of…


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