Odell Beckham Jr. release: Ranking the 10 teams most likely to claim Browns receiver on the waiver wire

After less than three seasons with the Browns, Odell Beckham Jr.’s time in Cleveland is officially over. The Browns announced on Friday that Beckham will be released, which means he’s soon going to be playing for another team. 

Unfortunately for Beckham, though, he probably isn’t going to get to pick his next team and that’s because he has to clear waivers before he can become a free agent and it seems unlikely that a player of his caliber will end up clearing waivers. 

If you’re not familiar with how the waiver process works, it’s pretty simple: Each team will have a chance to make a claim for Beckham and any team interested in adding him will have to make their claim by Monday. 

The waiver order is basically like the draft: The worst team picks first and you go from there. Right now, the Lions, Texans and Dolphins currently have the top three spots in waiver order, which means they’ll have the first crack at Beckham (If the Lions and Dolphins were to both put in a claim for Beckham, the Lions would get him since they have the higher waiver priority). 

Although those three teams are at the top, it’s hard to imagine any bad team wanting to add Beckham so if he gets claimed, it will probably be by a playoff contender.

With that in mind, we’re going to rank the top 10 landing spots for Beckham based on where each team falls in the waiver order. In this ranking, the Seahawks are at the top because they have the highest waiver priority (If you want to see the full waiver order, be sure to click here). 

Seahawks (waiver order: Ninth): Over the past few years, the Seahawks have desperately been looking to add another receiver. Not only did the Seahawks once sign Josh Gordon, but Russell Wilson once made it clear that he also wanted them to sign Antonio Brown, so you can bet he would be thrilled to get Beckham on his team. Also, it should be noted that Wilson’s close friend Daniel Mogg,…


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