NFL Week 9 grades: Jaguars get an ‘A+’ for shocking upset of Bills, Bears get ‘B’ for Monday loss to Steelers

Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been one of the most unstoppable players in the NFL this year, but it seems he does have one weakness and the name of that weakness is Josh Allen. 

This isn’t a story about some internal conflict that the Bills quarterback might be having, it’s a story about how Jaguars defensive end Josh Allen helped his team engineer a stunning 9-6 win over the Bills, which will go down as one of the biggest upsets in recent NFL history. 

With both offenses struggling, this was a game where the winner was going to need their defense to make a big play and that’s exactly what Allen did for the Jaguars. In one of the most dominant defensive performances of the season, Allen recovered a fumble, picked off a pass and recorded a sack and the Jags needed every bit of that to pull off the stunner. 

The interception came in the third quarter at a time when the game was tied 6-6. 

After the interception, the Jaguars got the ball at Buffalo’s 30-yard line and although they didn’t get a touchdown out of the possession, they did get what would end up being the game-winning points when Matthew Wright hit a 21-yard field goal. It was one of three field goals from Wright, who also hit from 39 and 55. 

As for Allen — the Jaguars one — his day of making big plays wasn’t over after the interception. After the Bills quickly got in field goal range late in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars’ defense needed a big play and that’s what it once again got from its Allen. 

That Allen fumble recovery came on a THIRD-DOWN play from Jacksonville’s 37-yard line. If Allen just throws an incomplete pass there, the Bills could have tied the game with a field goal on the next play, but they never got the chance due to the Jaguars’ fumble recovery. 

Although Allen’s first-half sack wasn’t as big as the interception or his fumble recovery, it was notable, because it marked the first…


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