It’s the 16th Sunday of the 2021 NFL season and we’re keeping you updated on all the action and biggest storylines throughout the day. The Week 16 slate has some fantastic matchups and storylines, and we’re here to help you watch it unfold. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.



Titans 20, 49ers 18 (Recap)


Packers 24, Browns 22 (Recap)
Colts 22, Cardinals 16 (Recap)


Bengals 41, Ravens 21 (Recap)
Bills 33, Patriots 21 (Takeaways)
Falcons 20, Lions 16 (Recap)
Jets 26, Jaguars 21 (Recap)
Texans 41, Chargers 29 (Recap)
Rams 30, Vikings 23 (Takeaways)
Eagles 34, Giants 10 (Takeaways)
Buccaneers 32, Panthers 6 (Recap)
Bears 25, Seahawks 24 (Recap)
Raiders 17, Broncos 13 (Takeaways)
Chiefs 36, Steelers 10 (Takeaways)
Washington at Cowboys, 8:20 p.m. (Preview)


Dolphins at Saints, 8:15 p.m. (Preview)

Wild finish! 

The Bears appeared dead midway through the fourth quarter. The Seahawks were lining up for a 39-yard field goal to go up 27-17, and with the way Chicago’s offense was playing, a double-digit deficit seemed too large to overcome. But then Jason Myers missed the attempt, and after the Bears turned the ball over on downs, they forced a punt to get the ball back with 2:56 to play. Six plays and 80 yards later, Nick Foles hit Jimmy Graham in double coverage on a third-and-14 to put Chicago within an extra point of tying the game.

Only at 4-10 and the season already lost, the Bears wanted to decide the contest in regulation and on their terms. That’s when Damiere Byrd made one of the catches of the year, skying above two defenders and getting his knee in bounds — while maintaining possession of the ball with ONE HAND — despite the Seahawks trying to carry him out of the end zone. 

There hasn’t been much to be excited about this season for Bears fans, but that 25-24 triumph is something they’ll surely…



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