The Chicago Bears don’t fire coaches in season. Such is history. We’ve heard it all before.

But the times, they are a changing, and the rules of engagement regarding hiring coaches have changed like never before, and it would be silly for this franchise not to begin moving on to its next chapter sooner rather than later, and get a jump on whatever life after coach Matt Nagy, and general manager Ryan Pace has in store.

Monday night was another ugly, undisciplined, sloppy display of football, one with little hope or little life. The 2021 season is lost, at 4-10, and outside of whatever rookie quarterback Justin Fields might flash, there is not much more to see from this team in this season. Within that organization there is a strong sense that the Bears will be moving on. Not much to be gained by putting that off another month, especially when, for the first time ever, teams will be free to begin interviewing candidates currently employed by NFL teams after Week 16.

It’s right around the corner. Nagy knows it’s coming at some point. Coaching out the string – at the expense of getting a jump on their coaching search – seems counterintuitive to me … But then again so does much of what this organization has done for a decade or more. They’ve lost eight of their last nine games; they finished last season by losing seven of their final 10 games. This is who they are and what they are.

The Bears offense, Nagy’s side of the ball, rank 30th in yards per game, ahead of only the Jaguars and Texans. They rank 28th in points per drive. They rank 29th in offensive touchdowns scored. They rank 29th in quarterback rating. Are you detecting a trend?

Yeah, it really is that bad and it hasn’t been trending in the right direction for quite some time. It went beyond Mitch Trubisky and it’s untenable and trying to sell another year of Nagy to this fanbase is impossible. Which begs the obvious question…



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