Keys to victory for 49ers are WKRP in Cincinnati

Perhaps you’re familiar with the show ‘WKRP in Cincinnati.’ It ran for four seasons beginning in 1978 and covered the ups and downs of a radio station located in the same city the 49ers will visit Sunday.

In honor of the program, which aired its final episode on April 21, 1982, we used the call letters of the fictional radio station to generate keys to a 49ers victory over the Bengals since they just so happen to fit the precise formula San Francisco needs to ride to victory.

Baby, if you’ve ever wondered. Wondered, whatever became of keys … we’ve got them here:

Win the turnover battle

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This is as simple as it gets for the 49ers. Their run game is dominant when they can play with a lead, and part of their ability to build leads comes from generating turnovers and not giving the ball away on offense. They’re 2-6 this season when they lose or tie in the turnover margin. The two wins came in the season opener vs. the Lions and the following week against the Eagles. Conversely, when San Francisco generates more turnovers than they issue, they’re 4-0. If they can get a couple against a Bengals team that’s prone to giving the ball away, they’ll be in great shape to swing a road win.

Kittle time

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It was clear in Seattle that Kittle needs to remain one of the focal points of the 49ers offense. He was targeted a team-high 12 times, caught nine of those targets and turned them into 181 yards and two touchdowns. Kittle is an explosive play machine and San Francisco needs to ensure they’re getting the ball in his hands – especially with Elijah Mitchell out and Deebo Samuel potentially sidelined.

Run the ball

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While quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo needs to be efficient and convert on third downs and in the red zone, the run game is where the 49ers are going to determine a win or loss. With Mitchell out, the onus will largely be put on Jeff Wilson Jr. and JaMycal Hasty to…


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