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As the Jets get set for the offseason, general manager Joe Douglas and coach Robert Saleh spoke with the media to discuss the team’s 4-13 season and give some insight as to their plans for the team heading into the 2022-23 season.

Here are the key takeaways:

Mekhi Becton, the 11th overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, played just one game in his sophomore season because of a knee injury that the left tackle could not recover from. With questions surrounding Becton’s value and his health, Douglas laid out his expectations for his first round pick.

“Obviously, we want Mekhi back on the field and Mekhi wants to be back on the field. Him attacking this offseason and coming back in the best possible shape he can be in,” Douglas said. “I expect big things from him next year. We all want Mekhi back.”

Douglas then explained why Becton couldn’t return this season.

“Mekhi is a bigger man. It took him longer to heal than we originally expected. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault…the process became longer than we originally thought.”

Is the Jets’ 2020 draft class where they need to be?

Speaking of Douglas’ 2020 draft class, the GM was asked about where he thought the rest of his picks from that year have progressed and developed after year two.

“I’ll say about the entire draft class, we’re in year two of their pro careers. And at this checkpoint in their race is not where it needs to be as a group. At this point, no one is giving up on these players. Every player develops differently and at different rates. I’m sure if you ask some of these guys they are disappointed in their season and no one is giving up on these players. We fully expect them to come back ready to roll and improve.”

One of those 2020 draft picks, Denzel Mims, has been embroiled with controversy this season. Whether it was Saleh not playing him in the beginning of the season or a mid-game benching, Mims has been a disappointment. However, Douglas…



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