Joe Burrow broke the Ravens and broke the Bengals’ single-game passing yards record with 525 yards on Sunday. It was the fourth-most passing yards in one contest in NFL history. He completed 36-of-47 passes with four touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s 11.4 yards per attempt. Somehow, it didn’t equate to a perfect quarterback rating. But 143.2 will do. Any time. In any game. 

This contest deserves highlighting. Obviously. Let’s dive in. Burrow put his full, advanced skill set on display in the pivotal outing against Baltimore.

And Burrow was locked in from the jump. The first play of the game foreshadowed that it was going to be a long, arduous afternoon for the Ravens defense. The former No. 1 overall pick took a bad sa…. nope, spun out of the defender’s grasp and found Tee Higgins for 10 yards.

That was vintage, LSU Burrow, parlaying every last ounce of his athleticism into surprising improvisational mastery. He led the SEC in the unofficial “deflating near sacks” metric in 2019 and showcased his ability to make those types of plays against professional defensive linemen. 

With 2:24 to go in the first quarter, Burrow connected on a throw with Ja’Marr Chase in the sideline hole in Cover 2 that was textbook. After Chase passed the underneath outside cornerback, Burrow pulled the trigger and the rocket arrived in Chase’s hands a split second before the safety responsible for that half of the field. 

The anticipation. The ball placement. The velocity. All gorgeous. And unstoppable defensively. 

Late in the second half, with Cincinnati holding a 10-point lead, Burrow uncorked a moon ball to Higgins that traveled nearly 55 yards in the air. Sure, it was made into tight coverage, double coverage to be exact. But historic passing performances come with calculated risks. And Burrow giving his rebounding specialist an opportunity near the goal line with under two minutes to go in the…



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