Here’s the crazy NFL playoff scenario that would get the 1-10-1 Detroit Lions to the postseason

A lot of crazy things have happened this NFL season, but the craziest one of all has to be the fact that the Detroit Lions were NOT the first team eliminated from playoff contention.

Despite starting the year 0-10-1, the Lions managed to outlast the Texans, who were eliminated in Week 13. Thanks to their win over the Vikings on Sunday, the Lions managed to stave off elimination for at least one more week. 

As we head into Week 14, the Texans are the only NFL team that has officially been ousted, which means, yup, THE LIONS ARE STILL ALIVE. 

If you’re thinking that sounds absolutely unbelievable and that you’re going to need some proof that the 1-10-1 Lions are still alive, I have some good news: Our social team decided to map out Detroit’s path to the playoffs and let me just say, you probably have a better chance of waking up with $7 million in your pocket tomorrow than the Lions do of making the playoffs, but you know what, this is the NFL and anything can happen. 

Although there is more than one route for the Lions to get to the playoffs, most of them involve multiple tie games over the final five weeks of the season and we wanted to cut down on ties, so we picked a playoff route that only features one tie. 

Heading into Week 14, the Lions will need a total of 37 THINGS to go their way in order for them to make the playoffs.

Without further adieu, let’s check out everything the Lions need to make the playoffs. 

Week 14 results that the Lions need to keep their playoff hopes alive

Lions beat BroncosSteelers beat VikingsCowboys beat WashingtonTexans beat SeahawksJets beat SaintsPanthers beat FalconsChargers beat GiantsBengals beat 49ersPackers beat Bears

If the Steelers beat the Vikings on Thursday night, then that would clearly mean that this is all meant to happen. On the other hand, if the Vikings win on Thursday, that won’t eliminate the Lions, but it will make things…


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