Gene Chizik, he of a perfectly mediocre 38-38 record as a college football head coach, tweets supposed pearls of wisdom every few days. They almost always end with the hashtag #WordsofChizdom, because you can’t get advice like, “Pay close attention to those who don’t clap when you win” just anywhere.

Twice this month, Chizik has bemoaned the new state of college athletics, where the young adults on campuses around the country who also take part in athletics can now make a few dollars while doing so and — gasp! — transfer schools if they’re unhappy.

Scrolling his timeline, Chizik makes no mention of the still-employed college football coaches who abandoned their teams in the dark of night for massive paydays, with one absconding while the program was still in the national championship hunt.


If Chizik implies players who transfer are quitters and “the next thing isn’t always better,” where is his tweet for Brian Kelly, who abandoned Notre Dame for Louisiana State? Isn’t telling players you love them, as Kelly did, as you’re walking out the door to a bigger payday foul in Chizik’s world?

What ever could be the difference between Lincoln Riley leaving over 100 Oklahoma players in the lurch for his own selfish gain at Southern California and someone like OU quarterback Spencer Rattler leaving the school to try to find a better situation for himself?

Chizik’s tweets usually go unnoticed, but if he was looking for attention with his post earlier this week grumbling about a new name, image and likeness deal for University of Texas offensive linemen, he got it in spades. 

Dragged to the tune of 2,500-plus quote tweets, nearly all of them rightfully commenting on the audacity of a former college coach, and Chizik in particular, up in arms college players will be getting some money.

Former Auburn football coach Gene Chizik…



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