The Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 season has reached its conclusion, and it was a disappointment for even those who had low expectations. However, it did end on a high note as the Jags were victorious over the Indianapolis Colts by a shocking score of 26-11.

The game shocked many, especially when considering the Colts needed a win over the league’s worst team to make the postseason, and as fans saw in the last episode of “Hard Knocks,” Indy has some team evaluations to do. However, Trevor Lawrence started the game hot and couldn’t be slowed all that much, which presented a big problem for the Colts from the start.

Now with the season over, the hard work won’t stop for the Jags as they have a coaching vacancy to fill. They also could have an issue at general manager depending on who the coach is. Both Phil Smith and James Johnson discussed all these topics and more in the final episode of the “Bleav in the Jags” Podcast.

The episode can be heard below in the media player, while archived episodes can be revisited here.

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