Could this Giants, Jets NFL Draft target be Taysom Hill 2.0?

Montana State LB Troy Andersen Treated Image

Each year, front offices scramble to find the best of the best in the NFL Draft. And it isn’t just first-round talent – that’s an obvious evaluation for talent scouts around the country. What teams truly look for is the diamond in the rough, the best-kept secret in the draft class.

This year’s “unicorn” is someone who has gained tons of traction over the last few months, but it’s likely you haven’t heard a peep about him during his entire college career.

That’s because Troy Andersen didn’t play for a big-time SEC, Big Ten, or Big 12 school. In fact, he never donned a jersey of an FBS school.

Instead, Andersen was the best-kept secret of Dillon, Montana, and when he was starting to make some noise in high school, winning state championships in football, basketball and track, then-Montana State Bobcats head coach Jeff Choate made sure to keep it that way.

“He was one of the first guys on our radar,” Choate, the current co-defensive coordinator/inside linebackers coach at the University of Texas, told SNY during a phone interview. “The thing that we knew was he was from a Bobcat family. Both mom and dad had gone to Montana State and his older sister was attending Montana State and she was actually dating a guy a year older who we had just signed. So, we were like ‘OK, this is one we should not screw up.’

“The thing that I knew was Troy was probably a talent that should’ve been recruited, if not just by the Mountain West, certainly by the Pac-12 schools. My concern was that the word was going to get out. We did everything we could to keep him from going to the University of Utah for a one-day camp coming out of his junior year going into his senior year because the second he gets on a Pac-12 campus, everybody’s going to look at this guy and go…


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