The Jacksonville Jaguars came into Sunday’s game +14.5 point underdogs to the Indianapolis Colts, but just as they did against the heavily favored Buffalo Bills Week 9, the Cardiac Cats pulled off a miracle. Not only were they victorious, though, they won by over two touchdowns and helped eliminate the Colts out of postseason contention.

The Jags’ upset left many Colts fans, players, and coaches distraught, and as a result, it’s going to take a while to get over. That appears to especially be the case for Colts legend Jeff Saturday, who is now an analyst at ESPN.

On an appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show,” Saturday called the loss to the Jags an “epic failure” that “broke” him.

“Epic failure. It broke me,” the former Colts center said. “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a game that hurt that much that I wasn’t in. My stomach hurt for everyone who was a Colts fan or part of the organization. We can talk about (Carson) Wentz and him not getting it done, but we got beat up. It wasn’t even close. They beat the brakes off us and we had no answer. I never saw that coming.”

Saturday is right, the Jags beat the Colts in every aspect of the game even when taken out the fact that quarterback Carson Wentz was sacked six times. They converted almost half of their third-downs (7-of-15), they won the turnover margin at a 2-to-0 rate, held the Colts to under 100 rushing yards, and won the time of possession battle, too (33:19 to 26:41).

However, there was just a positive vibe surrounding the Jags from the jump as they scored a touchdown on the first drive, and quarterback Trevor Lawrence hit receiver Laquon Treadwell on a 2-yard touchdown reception to end it. It was then that Saturday started to realize that the Colts were in for a long day.

“The first drive, you’re seeing (Jacksonville) convert and growing in confidence,” he added. “You see Lawrence starting to feel good. We had zero pass rush. He’s back there smoking a cigarette, taking…



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