Antonio Brown reaches new low and now must pay the price

Maybe Antonio Brown was scared.

Maybe he – along with Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Mike Edwards and former teammate John Franklin III – worried about side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination, just like many other Americans, who have opted against getting the shot.

We don’t really know, and given Brown’s history, it’s hard to find logic in much of what the talented yet troubled wide receiver does.

But we do know this: If, as alleged, he used a fake vaccination card to give the appearance of satisfying league protocol, Brown has lowered himself to the lowest of lows.

Not did he and the other two players apparently deceive the NFL and their employer, they also betrayed the trust of their coaches and teammates.

On Thursday, the NFL leveled a three-game suspension against the three player for misrepresenting their vaccination status, though the league and NFL Players Association provided no further details.

But the Buccaneers should carry the punishment a step further and release Brown, who came to the team last year with a checkered past after volatile and disruptive behavior while with the Steelers and Raiders, and troubling off-field actions that prompted his release after a short stint with the Patriots.

Once again, he has proven himself to be a selfish individual who doesn’t believe rules or the law applies to him. This time, his decisions could have carried consequences that extended well beyond himself.

And this wasn’t just a mistake, or some matter of personal or religious conviction.

If they did secure fake vaccination cards, Brown and the two other players deliberately gave the NFL and their team the finger, but in the shadiest of ways.

Brown, Edwards and Franklin all seemingly believed they had figured out a way to beat the system. And for a while, they had. Had it not been for Brown’s former chef, Steven Ruiz, who put his former employer on blast while also accusing the wide receiver of failing to pay him $10,000 in wages, Brown and Co. may have…


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