Most trades leading up to or during the NFL draft, which this year is April 28-30, are for current or future draft choices instead of veteran players. Draft picks are the most cost effective players in the NFL. Their salaries are determined by a rookie wage scale that doesn’t pay productive ones anything close to their true worth. 

NFL teams are beginning to take a more enlightened approach to trading veterans similar to the NBA, where signability is more of a primary consideration with moves involving players in a contract year. There are differences in NBA and NFL free agency rules. Compensatory draft picks for lost free agents do not exist in the NBA. 

Here are three veteran players that NFL teams should seriously consider trading in the final days leading up or during the NFL draft. 

Destination: Jets
Trade Compensation:
2022 first-round pick (10th overall), 2022 third-round pick (69th overall pick) and 2023 second-round pick

49ers general manager John Lynch called Samuel a foundational piece shortly after the 49ers lost the NFC Championship Game to the Rams. San Francisco has been interested a negotiating a contract…



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