Aaron Rodgers explains decision to not get vaccinated, calls out NFL for COVID-19 protocols

This week, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19, and it was reported that he was unvaccinated. This was important, as it rules him out for at least 10 days — a timeframe which of course includes Sunday’s matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Rodgers previously said he was “immunized,” which led many to believe that he indeed received the vaccine. It turns out he was doing other homeopathic techniques to raise his antibodies, and petitioned the league to consider him vaccinated, which they did not.

On Friday, Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee show to discuss his decision to not get vaccinated. Here’s what exactly went down. Rodgers lamented the NFL’s COVID protocols and said that they were not always rooted in science. The reigning NFL MVP said the protocols had turned into a “witch hunt” to shame those who were unvaccinated. Here are some takeaways from his lengthy interview with McAfee: 

Why Rodgers declined the vaccine

Rodgers said he was doing “very well” on Friday after not feeling great on Thursday. As for why he declined the vaccine, Rodgers said that he was allergic to one of the ingredients in the mRNA vaccines. This meant that he could only take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is something that he did not want to do because he had heard of multiple people “who have had adverse events around getting the J&J.” He also brought up how it was paused temporarily months ago. 

Rodgers said that he then looked into different methods to keep himself and his teammates safe, and found a long-term “immunization protocol” that involved multiple months. Rodgers then petitioned the league to accept his immunization status under their vaccination protocol. The league said this did not count as “vaccinated,” and he was put into the “non-vaccinated” category. Rodgers appealed this, and was given multiple weeks where he says he gathered over 500 pages of research…


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