5 best predictions for college football’s biggest regular season weekend – it’s Championship Week. What games appear to be the best bets and the best picks?

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It’s all about the bowl games coming up next – those require an entirely different skillset – but first, we close out with college football’s Championship Week.

There are just 11 games – normally there are 70+ games to pick and choose from – but you don’t care. You just want the magic to happen.

So let’s do this. Be bold. Be brave. Be …

Eh, whatever. I promised five picks, here’s seven, but with a twist.

Thanks so much for being a part of this fun and amazing college football season.

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5. Kent State vs Northern Illinois & Pitt vs Wake Forest point totals

LINE Kent State vs Northern Illinois 74.5, Pitt vs Wake Forest 71.5
Point Total Picks Over

I’m combining these two games together for one simple reason – it goes against everything I believe in.

If you’ve been with this piece all year, hopefully you did alright with the belief system of ALWAYS taking the under on a mid-70s point total, and go crazy if it’s in the high-70s or – if we’ve been good people who deserve something nice – in the 80s.

Too many things have to happen to get to over on a 70+. Bad weather, turnovers, a parachute not opening, it could be anything to keep two offenses from trading haymakers.

That’s why I’ll throw in a polite suggestion of under on the 73 in the Conference USA Championship between UTSA and WKU. Yeah, yeah, yeah they combined for 98 in the first meeting, but that…



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