I haven’t talked to anyone at the NFL yet, but I feel like someone needs to ask the league if we can push the conference title games back a week because I think we all need some extra time to recover from the divisional round. If this picks column is completely incoherent, it’s because my brain is still trying to process everything that happened. 

After going to the Bengals vs. Titans game on Saturday, I was pretty sure there was no way any of the other divisional games would top it in terms of excitement, but then THEY ALL topped it. Somehow, each game was progressively better than the one before it.

And by the time the Bills-Chiefs game went to overtime Sunday night, I think I had spit coffee out of my mouth at least three different times, which was crazy because I wasn’t even drinking coffee.

For the first time in playoff history, EVERY GAME CAME DOWN TO THE FINAL PLAY. 

Alright, now that we’ve relived the divisional round, let’s move on to the conference title game picks. 

The crazy thing about the title games this year is that they’re both rematches of regular season games and the teams that WON those games are both underdogs. The 49ers and Bengals went a combined 3-0 against the Rams and Chiefs, but neither team is favored to win this week. 

I think the oddsmakers are trying to confuse me. I’ve spent the past 19 hours trying to figure out who I’m going to pick and I’m still not sure. I made my original picks, but then I flipped from those, then I flopped back, then my family in Cincinnati called me and said they’d disown me if I didn’t pick the Bengals, so then, I had to turn off my phone and bury it in my backyard so they couldn’t reach me. 

Since they clearly want me to pick the Bengals, I decided to do some research to see if it makes sense to pick them in this spot and what I found was quite intriguing. 

One reason to like the underdogs in this round is…



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