2021 NFL Divisional Power Rankings entering Week 17: NFC West reluctantly back on top after poor week

The NFL regular season is winding down with 24 teams remaining in contention for the Super Bowl heading into Week 17, the most teams the league has in contention at this point in the season in 15 years. While there’s plenty of parity in the NFL, the eight divisions can’t be included in that conversation.

The NFC West, AFC West, and AFC North have separated themselves from the pack, ranking amongst the elite divisions in the league. The NFC East, AFC East, and NFC South have been stuck inn the middle of the pack while the AFC South and NFC North are trying to avoid becoming the worst division in football. 

The final ranking for the divisions are starting to take shape as each division is starting to make a push to move up from their current spot. This week, none of the contenders for the top spot helped their resume. 

8. AFC South

Last week’s ranking: 8

The AFC South had a surprisingly good week as the division states its case to not be the worst in football. The Houston Texans upset win over the Los Angeles Chargers was a huge boost for the division, especially after the Tennessee Titans beat the San Francisco 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, the AFC South went 2-0 against the NFC West this week!

The AFC South is 15-25 in out-of-division matchups (.375) and 25-35 overall (.417), both are the worst in football. 

7. NFC North

Last week’s ranking: 7

The Green Bay Packers usually spare this division from being the worst in football, yet the Chicago Bears had an upset over the Seattle Seahawks with Nick Foles at quarterback. The Minnesota Vikings continue to lose one score games and the Detroit Lions have the worst record in the conference. A 2-2 week isn’t actually bad for this division.

The NFC North is 17-24-1 in interdivisional games (.417) and 26-33-1 overall (.442). 

6. NFC East

Last week’s ranking: 6

Another week the NFC East just played…


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