Zac Stacy free on bail, but alleged victim fears for safety

Warning: Descriptions of alleged domestic violence.

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy posted a $10,000 bond on Friday after he was arrested and charged with a pair of felonies stemming from a disturbing video that appears to show him assaulting the mother of their child.

Stacy, 30, has been released from a Florida jail. The alleged victim’s attorneys are hoping that a judge reverses that decision.

Kristin Evans, Stacy’s ex-girlfriend who agreed to go public in an interview with WESH in Florida, told the Orlando-area TV station that she fears for his safety. Her attorneys were hoping that Stacy’s bond would be raised and that he would be electronically monitored if he’s out of jail.

Evans tried to attend the bond hearing, but was unable to arrive in time after it was moved up on the court schedule. She watched online and said she was upset at the result.

“It was absolute hell and I know women have gone through worse,” Evans said. “To feel what I felt, I can’t imagine for it to be worse.”

She also indicated that what was revealed on the video posted to social media was only a snapshot of Evans’ experience with Stacy — including at one point when she was pregnant.

Ex-NFL player Zac Stacy, left, appears before a judge after his arrest on domestic violence charges on Friday in Orange County, Florida. (Jeffrey M. Weiner/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

“He has bullied me for so long that at one point, I believed it was my fault,” Evans said. “It’s disturbing and disgusting to see things people have said online about what did I do. I did nothing. I never did anything to deserve something like this — no one could do anything to deserve something like this.

“The physical abuse began in May. I didn’t report it. I was pregnant at the time. I wanted my son’s dad to be there for me and for the birth of his first child. So I forgave him.”

Stacy, 30, has been charged with aggravated assault (great bodily harm) and criminal mischief (greater than or equal to…


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