Week 13 TNF and Injury News

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I hope any tryptophan haze has left your system as Week 13 is upon us. We’re sliding into the fantasy playoffs, and we’ve only got three more Thursday night games left in the season after tonight. Our fantasy rosters need to be primed for the stretch run, so let’s dive into it. I’ll preview this evening’s matchup with my notes and points of interest, along with some injury news to monitor as we head into the weekend.

TNF Preview: Cowboys at Saints

Tonight’s matchup already held plenty of intrigue from a macro sense. Dallas leads the NFC East by two games, so they need a win. But the Saints could improve their playoff hopes with an upset. The contest has rippling effects across multiple divisions, but the players are the real twist to the plotline.

The Cowboys are getting the band back together. Or, at least they may be. Despite their victories and the week-winning fantasy performances from the skill position players, they haven’t had all their starting personnel together. It gives a creative play-caller like Kellen Moore a chance to dig even deeper into his bag and makes a potent offense like Dallas all the more troublesome for the Saints.

Plays like this have to be demoralizing for a defense. It’s a Cover 0 blitz with two defenders nearly on Prescott. He may have squeezed one into Cooper on the crossing route but took the shot to Lamb. Pause the clip at two seconds when Prescott lets it fly, and you can still see Lamb at the one-yard line. He hadn’t even broken to the outside yet. It’s the trust, timing, and efficiency that’s made the offense entertaining throughout the season. And tonight, all the chess pieces are in play.

The timing couldn’t be better for the Cowboys to be healthy. Since Prescott’s return from the calf injury, Dallas’ offense has been 20th in EPA per play, while Dak himself has been outside the Top 20 in EPA per play…


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