Urban Meyer says Jags’ offensive struggles vs. Colts are on the unit as a whole, not a single individual

Fans came into Week 10 hoping that the Jacksonville Jaguars could acquire their first winning streak since 2019, but that was not the case. A big reason for that is because the team got off to a slow start and found themselves down by a score of 17-0 within the first three possessions.

The first few offensive possessions were particularly brutal as the Jags’ offense started the game with two three-and-outs and wasn’t in sync. This left many fans to wonder if those issues fell on the man behind center in Trevor Lawrence, as he’s struggled since the bye and hasn’t looked like the player fans saw Weeks 4-6.

However, Jags coach Urban Meyer shut those speculations down quickly by saying that the offensive unit as a whole was an issue.

“Of course, that thing gets time-tested, and I would be surprised if anyone ever said something different,” Meyer said. “Sure, people have off days, but when you struggle like we struggled in the first half, it’s certainly not a player and it’s certainly not a quarterback. And same thing when someone plays great—the first thing I always usually do is talk about the offensive line or the receiver that made that player look great. So, I know that’s a little bit not what people want to hear, but that’s actuality when you really watch. We had six penalties on offense, six. We had guys make some mental errors, we had a sack that shouldn’t have been a sack, someone had a missed assignment at the receiver position and it turned out to be a sack. So, yes, I think that’s time-tested.”

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Meyer is right about the Jags not doing Lawrence any favors early in the game, they had two offensive penalties (holding and a false start) in the first quarter and one in the second quarter (holding). Receiver Jamal Agnew (who scored the first touchdown for Jacksonville) also had a drop around the seven-minute mark in the first quarter that would’ve been a third-down conversion. Add things like that in with some misses on…


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