Twitter reacts to questionable officiating in 49ers-Titans originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

There were two very questionable calls in the first half of Thursday night’s matchup between the 49ers and Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium. 

In the first quarter, a penalty benefited the 49ers after the Titans were called for a facemask on a completion from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to fullback Kyle Juszczyk. After re-watching the play, it was clear that the Titans defender should not have been called for the penalty. 

In the second quarter, the 49ers were the ones called for a facemask penalty after Titans defensive lineman Bud Dupree jumped offsides, forcing left tackle Trent Williams to react immediately. There were two penalties on the play, an initial offsides penalty and then the subsequent facemask penalty called on Williams. 

Because the facemask penalty (15 yards) is the bigger of the two penalties, the offsides penalty (5 yards) was canceled out, which sparked plenty of criticism because the facemask penalty likely wouldn’t have happened if Dupree was not offsides in the first place. 

Both facemask penalties were questionable calls and frustrated both the Titans and the 49ers.

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The first half of Thursday’s game was rather one-sided with the 49ers leading 10-0 over the Titans at halftime after an all-around strong first half. 

Without each of these two facemask penalties, though, the score might have been different. 



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