Most viewers were shocked by how quickly the Chiefs moved into field goal range to force overtime after the Bills took a lead with 0:13 left in Sunday’s playoff game. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce wasn’t surprised at all.

In fact, Kelce was wearing a microphone for NFL Films, and the footage shows that Kelce knew exactly what was going to work against the Bills’ defense. It took the Chiefs only two plays to get into field goal range, and on both of them, Kelce told his teammates in advance what was going to happen.

Before the first play, Kelce approached Tyreek Hill on the sideline and told him that the Bills would be in man coverage, and that Hill should fake that he was going to the outside and then come back inside, and Kelce would be in front of him blocking.

“They might man you up,” Kelce told Hill. “I’m saying go outside and come back in like you’re running a route outside. That way when you come back in, I can get in the way.”

Sure enough, Hill got the ball on the inside and Kelce was in front of him blocking.

During the timeout before the next play, Kelce approached Patrick Mahomes on the sideline and told him that if the Bills’ defense lined up the way they were expecting, that would mean Kelce would be open on a seam route.

“They play it like that, that seam is open,” Kelce told Mahomes, even though the seam was not the route Kelce was supposed to run as the play was drawn up.

As they lined up for the next play, Mahomes looked at the Bills’ defense, turned toward Kelce and yelled, “Do it Kelce! Do it Kelce!”

Kelce ran up the seam, caught the ball and ran into field goal range.

When Mahomes saw the NFL Films footage, he wrote on Twitter, “Lol i told y’all this man is crazy.” Crazy like a fox.

Travis Kelce was mic’d up, told teammates which routes would be open on game-tying drive originally appeared on Pro Football Talk



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