Tom Brady offers rare public praise of Bill Belichick; Patriots coach to play role in his broadcast future

Tom Brady has publicly praised Bill Belichick before, but seldom has Brady offered it himself without the prodding of questions from the media. The same can be said of Belichick, whose reluctance to praise individual players is well documented. 

Brady did go out of his way to sing Belichick’s praises this week while crediting his former coach for helping to inadvertently inspire his motivation to get into broadcasting. Brady, in case you haven’t heard, is slated to begin his broadcasting career whenever he decides to hang up his cleats for good. 

“I love football and I care a lot about football, too. I’m always going to be involved in it one way or the other,” Brady said during a roundtable interview with TNT’s Ernie Johnson that aired after “The Match” golf event. “I was thinking about the opportunity to travel around and see these guys on different Friday afternoons and watching them practice and saying, ‘Hey, here’s a couple of things that worked for me.’ 

“[Talking to] different coaches. I was around the most amazing coach, in Coach Belichick, the most amazing coaches over a period of time. I played with Hall of Famers, Randy Moss to Ty Law to Richard Seymour. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge.”

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