T-Rex skull provided more MNF novelty on Eli and Peyton’s final ManningCast of the season

Barack Obama, Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey would have been good options for Eli Manning and Peyton Manning to up the ante with the guests for the 10th and final ManningCast of the show’s inaugural season.

But few probably guessed a T-Rex.

It appeared to reside at the home of Dwayne “The Rock’’ Johnson, the actor who made his guest appearance during the second quarter of the alternate “Monday Night Football’’ telecast on ESPN2. The sighting took place with the Los Angeles Rams handling the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC wild-card playoff game like, well, like a T-Rex handled the bad guys in “Jurassic Park.”

Eli: “Dwayne, you got a T-Rex behind you? What is that?’’

The Rock: “I got a T-Rex skull. That’s Stan. So, as a matter of fact, Stan is the most complete T-Rex skull ever found by a paleontologist, a young paleontologist. And his name was Stan, so this T-Rex head was named after him. It’s pretty cool and bad ass, isn’t it?’’

Eli: “I like it, I do.’’

The Rock was drinking out of a tequila bottle during his appearance, but he sounded sober when talking about Stan.

Quick recap: The Rock. Introducing his T-Rex skull. During “Monday Night Football.”

This is how the Manning brothers have lightened up – or is it twisted? – the MNF broadcast.


The Rock, who played football at the University of Miami alongside the likes of Warren Sapp, told the Mannings that Arizona Cardinals strength coach Buddy Morris is one of his favorites. Turns out The Rock met Morris when he was visiting the University of Pittsburgh as a high school recruit.

Offered Peyton, “I do have a strength coach, but he’s embarrassed to come out. He wants to remain anonymous. … It’s bad for business.’’


So Dwayne Johnson knows how to do more than act and pump iron. He can elicit interesting answers too.

“As QBs, can you get a sense when a QB is down-and-dirty and ready to rock-and- roll and like ready to sneak (the ball). Can you…


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