Surprising performances from Week 12

Week 12 was a mix of dominant and lackluster performances. It was also defined by dropped passes and injuries to fantasy superstars. Today, we are going to look into some great outings as well as a shockingly disappointing one.

Here are my takeaways from Week 12.

Mixon on a Mission

I won’t bury the lede like the Bengals buried the Steelers, 41-10. Joe Mixon was a man on a mission, rushing for a career-high 165 yards and two touchdowns and finishing as the RB2 on the week.

The Steelers’ defense was manhandled by Mixon and the Bengals’ offensive line as he posted a season-high yard per carry average (5.89). To add to the Mixon praise, this was his fifth week in a row with at least one rushing touchdown and his third week in a row with two rushing touchdowns.

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The team is using him as a true workhorse as he currently ranks third in carries per game (18.9), sixth in opportunity share (71.9%), and sixth in rushing yards per game (84). Not to mention his nose for the end zone has him ranked third overall in rushing touchdowns (11), which has contributed to his spot at fifth in points per game.

Basically, Mixon has been incredible and he is a no-brainer RB1 rest-o-season. I guess the Bengals are the new king of the jungle now, huh?

Cordarrelle STAT-erson

The legend of Cordarrelle Patterson is a tale that shall live on for generation — or maybe just until next season. Regardless, his RB10 production leading up to this game has been nothing short of spectacular. Let’s be honest though, he really has been more of a receiver than running back this year. Prior to Week 12, he was sixth in targets, first in receiving yards per game (53), and sixth in receptions per game (4.3). While he has excelled in that department, something about his matchup with the Jaguars must have inspired the Falcons’ coaching staff to shake things up a little.

Before we get into this game, I have to remind everyone that Patterson was a…


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