Seahawks were “robbed” by officials with two blown calls on Tuesday

Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson didn’t play in Tuesday night’s loss to the Rams, but he was still fired up about bad calls that went against his team.

Peterson posted a lengthy Instagram message in which he faulted the officials for missing a pass interference penalty that should have been called by the Rams on a Seahawks fourth-down conversion attempt, and for extending a Rams drive with a questionable defensive holding call on a third-down incompletion.

“I don’t make excuses and I also feel any situation can be overcome, but, opportunities are all you need to create change,” Peterson wrote. “We got robbed of that last night on two critical plays which resulted in a 7 point swing and took away great field position that would’ve given us a chance to put points on the board. We then have a clear missed PI call that ended our opportunity to right the previous wrong of the officials. In critical moments of the game, they were presented with opportunities that we were not due to plays that should’ve been reviewable.”

Peterson wrote that, given how much of their lives players put into the game, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for the NFL’s officiating department to be held accountable and required to improve.

“These are literally life changing moments that shouldn’t be overlooked,” Peterson wrote. “I feel there are certain plays where officials should come together, review, and get the call right. Especially plays that are being displayed on million dollar Jumbotrons where the entire stadium and every football loving fan across the world can see.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after the game that he wouldn’t complain about the officiating. Not everyone on his team agreed with that.

Adrian Peterson: Seahawks were “robbed” by officials with two blown calls on Tuesday originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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