Seahawks’ Russell Wilson shut out for first time in 150th game, ending one of longest streaks in NFL history

Russell Wilson’s highly anticipated return from a finger injury ended up being a major dud. Tasked with saving the Seattle Seahawks’ playoff hopes and carrying their offense against the Green Bay Packers, Wilson and the offense failed to score a single point in a 17-0 loss on Sunday.

Wilson was shut out in a game for the first time in his career — in his 150th start. He’s the sixth quarterback in NFL history to go 150 starts before being shut out for the first time, joining Brett Favre (221), Joe Flacco (172), Matthew Stafford (158), Aaron Rodgers (157), and Joe Montana (153). Drew Brees (286 starts) and Peyton Manning (265 starts) were never shut out in their careers. 

“We’re going to be resilient. I thought we were resilient all the way through the end of this game. Even when it was hard,” Wilson said after the loss. “Thought with my hand I feel 100% confident where I’m at. I wouldn’t be out here if I didn’t. It’s too important. And I feel great about where we can go still. It was challenging. “

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Wilson didn’t have…


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