Ranking 14 coaching staffs in the 2022 NFL playoffs: No disputing top choices; Cardinals land in bottom tier

After 18 weeks of regular-season games, the NFL playoffs are finally here. We’re getting this tournament started a bit later than usual, and there were certainly some twists and turns and Omicron variants along the way, but we’re here. 

Throughout this week, it’s likely that you’ll read a whole lot about these matchups. The players, the tactics, the injuries, the history, and more. We’re here today to talk about the coaches. But not just the head coaches — the coordinators as well. Because players don’t just run out onto the field and play. There are people who design a game plan and a strategy and call plays in an attempt to put them in position to succeed. 

With that in mind, we’re ranking all 14 playoff coaching staffs — head coach, and offensive and defensive coordinator (or play-caller, or top assistant). As with last year’s rankings, there are a few things worth noting before we dive in: 

I came up with my own rankings to start things off, then ran them by the CBSSports.com staff over the past several days and heavily weighed their input. That process is how we came up with rankings that are both tiered and numbered.The tiers themselves should be considered rigid, while the rankings within them are fluid. That means if you wanted to slot one Tier 2 team ahead of another, there would be very little argument, as we are basically splitting hairs. But if you tried to move a Tier 4 team ahead of one of the teams in Tier 1 or 2, that would draw more forceful pushback. What you see below is my analysis of why the teams ended up in the tiers they did, and the strengths and weaknesses of the coaches that factored into them.

Tier 4: Not enough information

Within this group, we have an interim head coach, a first-year head coach, and two third-year head coaches making their playoff debuts. The interim head coach (Bisaccia) has veteran coordinators we know fairly well. The three remaining…


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