Rams owner threatens NFL over St. Louis lawsuit and league could be out billions if he follows through

Rams owner Stan Kroenke probably isn’t going to be a very popular person at the next NFL owners meeting and that’s because he’s basically issued a threat that could end up costing the other 31 owners billions of dollars if he follows through with it. 

The NFL and its 32 owners are currently the defendants in a lawsuit that revolves around the Rams decision to leave St. Louis. The lawsuit, which was originally filed by the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County and the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority all the way back in 2017 is currently scheduled to go to trial on January 10, 2022. 

With the NFL facing the reality of a trial date that’s now less than two months away, Kroenke is now doing everything possible to try and settle the lawsuit. According to an email obtained by the Sports Business Journal, Kroenke’s reps believe the suit can be settled for somewhere between $500 million and $750 million (Kroenke had already offered a $100 million settlement, but got turned down). 

From a legal standpoint, the other NFL owners apparently feel that Kroenke should be on the hook for the entire settlement due to an indemnification agreement he signed when the Rams moved out of St. Louis following the 2015 season. However, Kroenke doesn’t feel the same away. 

According to the email he sent, Kroenke has threatened to make a settlement in the lawsuit that would only pertain to him, which means the other 31 teams would still have to go to trial on Jan. 10. The only way Kroenke won’t go through with this threat is if the other 31 teams agree to split the cost of whatever the final settlement number ends up being. 

“If we continue to not get any assurances from the league regarding allocation (of damages), we will have no choice but to try to resolve the case on behalf of only the Rams and Mr. Kroenke,” the email reads, via SBJ. “We do not want to do that. We want everyone’s…


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