How improbable was the San Francisco 49ers’ comeback victory against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday? Well, at two different points in the game, the Rams had at least a 90% chance to win.

And near the end of the fourth quarter, they had a near-100% chance of beating the 49ers but simply couldn’t hold on.

They led 17-0 in the first half but allowed the 49ers to claw back in and tie it at 17. After the Rams took a 24-17 lead in the fourth quarter, they seemed on their way to victory — especially after the 49ers punted with 1:57 left in the game.

According to Next Gen Stats, the 49ers had only a 0.4% win probability after punting it back to the Rams. They had all three timeouts so a defensive stand got them the ball back, but they still needed to drive the length of the field for a touchdown with under two minutes and no timeouts.

Somehow, they pulled it off and then won in overtime, 27-24.

Needless to say, the Rams will be kicking themselves after this one. They could’ve secured the No. 2 seed and a first-round matchup with the Saints. All they needed was a first down after the 49ers punted or a stop on San Francisco’s final drive of regulation.

They got neither and will now face the Cardinals next week.



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