Patriots’ Mac Jones becomes only the third rookie QB in NFL history to pull off this rare feat

It’s way too early to say whether Mac Jones is going to win the rookie of the year award, but the Patriots quarterback definitely feels like the front-runner right now and he only helped his cause during New England’s 25-0 win over Atlanta on Thursday. 

It would be fitting if Jones did end up winning, because New England’s win over the Falcons allowed him to join a rare club that currently only includes two other players and both of those players also happened to win rookie of the year. 

With the win over Atlanta, Jones has now gone 5-0 in road games this year, making him only the third rookie QB in NFL history to pull off that feat. The only other two quarterbacks to start 5-0 in road games were Ben Roethlisberger and Dak Prescott, who both started 6-0. 

In 2004, Big Ben took over as the starter in Week 3 and ended up finishing with a 13-0 record, which included going 6-0 on the road. Roethlisberger probably could have gone 7-0, but the Steelers decided to rest him in their regular season finale against Buffalo. Thanks to his impressive performance, Big Ben ended up being voted rookie of the year. 

As for Prescott, he became the Cowboys starter after Tony Romo went down with a preseason injury in 2016. Although Prescott lost his first start, which was at home, the Cowboys quarterback had six straight road wins to start his career before seeing the streak end in a Week 14 loss to the Giants. Like Roethlisberger, Prescott was also voted rookie of the year. 

If Jones wants to break the record that’s shared by Prescott and Big Ben, he’ll have to win two more road games, which won’t be easy. The next road game for the Patriots will come in Week 13 against the Bills. After a Week 14 bye, the Patriots will hit the road again to face the Colts. If the Patriots win both of those games, Jones will become the first QB to start 7-0 on the road as a rookie. 

Although Jones hasn’t…


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