Nick Sirianni on if Jalen Hurts is Eagles’ franchise quarterback: ‘Watch the last three games’

Jalen Hurts is starting to get the Philadelphia Eagles to believe he’s the franchise quarterback of this team going forward. Head coach Nick Sirianni may already be there. 

Hurts has his doubters on whether he’s the franchise quarterback, yet he continues to improve his play each week — and the Eagles’ offense is improving as a result. Philadelphia is averaging 208.7 rushing yards on the ground the last three games, limiting the pass attempts of Hurts — who has become a more efficient passer in the process.

Franchise quarterback? The stats — and Hurts’ play — dictate that. 

“Watch the last three games and that’s the biggest one right there, right,” Sirianni said Monday. “He’s still in his rookie season and – essentially, if you count the amount of games started. And so, all I see is improvement every day from him because, again, it starts with the type of person that Jalen [Hurts] is and how much he loves this sport and how much he loves his teammates and how tough he is. And he doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

“I just see his arrow completely pointed up. I think we’ve all seen the way he’s played. The way he played yesterday, again, when we got into the second half, we kind of took the air out of it a little bit and we played a little bit different the way our defense was playing and the lead that we had.”

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