NFL Week 9 scores, highlights, updates, schedule: Patrick Mahomes finally musters up old magic late in win

It’s the ninth Sunday of the 2021 NFL season and we’re keeping you updated on all the action and biggest storylines throughout the day. The Week 9 slate has some fantastic matchups and storylines, and we’re here to help you watch it unfold. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.



Colts 45, Jets 30 (Recap)


Falcons 27, Saints 25 (Recap)
Jaguars 9, Bills 6 (Recap)
Browns 41, Bengals 16 (Takeaways)
Broncos 30, Cowboys 16 (Takeaways)
Dolphins 17, Texans 9 (Recap)
Giants 23, Raiders 16 (Recap)
Patriots 24, Panthers 6 (Takeaways)
Ravens 34, Vikings 31 (OT) (Takeaways)
Chargers 27, Eagles 24 (Takeaways)
Cardinals 31, 49ers 14 (Takeaways)
Chiefs 13, Packers 7 (Takeaways)
Titans at Rams, 8:20 p.m. ET (Preview)


Bears at Steelers, 8:15 p.m. ET (Preview)

Mahomes goes full Mahomes to clinch win

Patrick Mahomes has been off in 2021, leading the NFL with 10 interceptions thrown entering Week 9. He wasn’t much better against the Packers, as he completed just 20 of his 37 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown for a 74.8 rating. But on third-and-10 with the game on the line, Mahomes mustered up the magic we’re so used to seeing from him, sprinting out to the right and launching a laser at the last second to Tyreek Hill for a first down. It wasn’t pretty, but the Chiefs secured their second straight victory.

Love throws first-career TD

Just as all hope seems lost for the Packers, Jordan Love found Allen Lazard on the left sideline. Lazard did the rest, ducking under a Chiefs defender and high-stepping into the end zone for the 20-yard touchdown.

Snead’s INT ends promising drive

It’s been a rough first-career start for Jordan Love, but he led the Packers on a 14-play, 68-yard drive to the edge of the red zone midway through the fourth quarter. Down 13-0, a touchdown would put pressure on the Chiefs to close out the victory. But on…


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