NFL Week 18 best bets: Steelers over Ravens feels special, but rest of schedule not so much

We aim to finish strong here. And the second-half run has been real. We went 2-0 a week ago, bringing us to 24-17 on the season. We have had our share of bad beats, to be sure, and in general have been pretty judicious about how we approach our craft.

This has been a bizarre year and the COVID factor makes things even crazier and now we are in Week 18 for the first time, too. And it’s just the second year of having only a single bye week, so we don’t have much data yet on how different teams and coaches will approach being effectively stuck into a playoff spot. Because overall, there isn’t much at stake in most of these games. Figuring out the motivation and how they will play it is tricky at best.

So, yeah, I’m not going to crazy here. I probably like this slate of games the least of any all season. It’s certainly in the bottom two or three. I have been riding the Steelers a little bit lately, and with Big Ben and T.J. Watt having some very special things at stake here, well, let’s get to the picks.

Latest Odds:

Baltimore Ravens

This is a big number to me. These games are usually under a field goal and always seem to come down to the end even in years when the Steelers…


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