So, I just got off a Zoom call with Santa and I have some good news: It appears that every one of you made the nice list this year, so you’re getting my Week 16 picks as a present! Sure, it’s not the best present ever, but it’s better than a fruitcake, so don’t complain. 

For me, the best thing about the holidays is that I get to enjoy my favorite Christmas drink, which as everyone knows is egg nog and tequila. Basically, I took the two things I love to drink the most around the holidays and mixed them together. I’d tell you it tastes good, but that’d be lying, but you know what? Taste doesn’t matter at Christmas, you just need something that will get you through the holiday period with your family and this will definitely do it. This drink is also a good concoction for any Bears fan that needs something to help numb the pain of the 2021 season. 

Alright, I’m going to stop talking about egg nog and tequila so we can get to the picks. I’d also say I’m going to stop talking about the Bears, but I can’t do that because I have to pick their game this week.

Before we get to the Week 16 picks, here’s a quick reminder that you can check out the weekly picks from every NFL expert by clicking here. If you like clicking on things then I highly suggest you also click here so you can sign up for’s NFL newsletter, which I pump out four days per week. If you forgot to get someone a holiday gift, just sign them up for the newsletter. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I also have another gift for you that’s not actually a gift, but it is a podcast of Will Brinson and I going over the biggest games of Week 16, which is arguably better than a gift. It’s short and sweet and you can listen to it below. 

Alright, let’s get to the holiday version of the picks and I promise I didn’t drink any egg nog and tequila while writing this. 

NFL Week 16 Picks

San Francisco (8-6) at…



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