NFL Week 14 grades: Chiefs get an ‘A’ for destroying Raiders, Rams get an ‘A+’ for pivotal win over Cardinals

When a team scores 48 points in a win, you usually end up talking about their offense after the game, but in the Chiefs’ 48-9 victory over the Raiders on Sunday, it was their defense that stood out the most. 

The Chiefs’ defense came up with big play after big play in the win and it all started on the first play from scrimmage when Mike Hughes picked up a Josh Jacobs fumble and returned it 23 yards for a touchdown and after that, the rout was on. 

It’s fitting that Kansas City got its first touchdown off a turnover, because that ended up being the story of the game. Overall, the Chiefs forced a total of five turnovers against the Raiders and those turnovers would end up leading to a total of 28 points. It was the most turnovers the Chiefs’ defense has forced in a game since 2018. 

The Chiefs forced three of those five turnovers in the first half, which was a big reason why Kansas City was able to take a 35-3 lead into intermission.

The Chiefs’ defense has been the story of their six-game winning streak. What Kansas City’s defense has accomplished during the streak is nothing short of impressive and that’s because during the first seven weeks of the season, the Chiefs appeared to have one of the worst defenses in football. 

During the Chiefs’ 3-4 start, the defense surrendered more than 400 yards per game and only tallied seven turnovers. However, during their six-game winning streak, the defense has turned up the heat, surrendering just 311.7 yards per game while racking up 16 turnovers. The most impressive statistic, though, is the fact that no one has been able to score on the Chiefs. In their first seven games, the defense gave up 29 points per game, but during their six-game winning streak, that number is down to 10.9 points per game. 

The revival of the Chiefs’ season has coincided with the revival of their defense. Every week, the unit comes through with big plays and this…


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